a smiling rival

I recently participated in a modified design sprint at Boltmade in Waterloo, and it was rather fun. There were quite a few designers at the event, and was pretty loose – not over-thinking things and just going for raw ideas to solve problems.

The problem: how do we make house-searching less painful? There was a set of mock interviews to explore the problem where everyone generated “how might we” statements. The ideas were then grouped by similar themes, and then 2 were chosen to be tackled. We had 30 seconds to scribble down interface ideas (for a total of 16 ideas), and from there, refine a single idea flow in under 2 minutes.



Stick notes galore!
The red dots are given to teammates to create a “heat map” around ideas they liked.



I understand that this doesn’t really mean anything, but I completed the Coursera course on Python.
Coursera pythonlearn 2014
What exactly did I get out of it? Maybe a little more confidence towards my ability to build things for Arduino…and that I don’t quite understand why people push HTML/CSS as a gateway to “programming” and “writing code” when it is very, very, very different. Python was…more thinking about the steps on how to solve a problem, counting things, using information stored (mess up? TRACEBACK), and just…not the same. At all. In any way. :/ But I’m way too much of a newb regardless, but I can see where I might want to use something like Python (ex. Fish Plays Pokemon).

I also found this page on LaTeX resumes, so I might be trying it. No guarantees on good results, though. I kind of feel like a giant lumbering elephant that doesn’t quite understand fully what I’m doing. Confidence, confidence! ><“


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