cosmic kingdoms// roll on, lonely star

Local weather app: Github / Demo *Note: Might not work in Chrome if you have geolocation disabled.

Looking through the typefaces on Google Fonts.

I completed the Learn It, Girl mentorship program a few weeks ago, and currently waiting to hear back with the evaluation. Until then, you can check out the project on Github, and try out the demo.
JS Music Mixer Project3

Process gif.

Trying out something in ThreeJS, but it didn’t make it into the final project.


I have been spending a little time here and there on volunteering. To clarify, the session I mentored for was design-related, rather than development.
2016-05-07 22.40.21

Meow~ (w.i.p.)

I suspect this sign was placed here because of our group…
2016-05-21 17.00.41

Ace assist!
2016-05-20 20.30.43

Really need to get back into drawing a bit more. I’ve been neglecting a lot of ideas that have been scribbled into notebooks, but no action has been taken yet.

2016-05-20 23.31.11


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