wild frost// travel by night

Graphic for “Please Save My Money: Taisho x Alice x Disaster” by Krystallina/daiyamanga (Twitter)

Graphic for Please Save My Money: To Share or Not to Share” by Krystallina/daiyamanga (Twitter)

Other drafts.

I recently joined Justin and Helen from TheOASG on the podcast to talk about Makoto Shinkai’s “Your name.” The film had a rather large run in the theatres here, and I saw it for the second time. Please check it out, we talk about recent news and what anime we are currently watching as well!

TheOASG Podcast Episode 28: What About The Body-Swapping Anime Film?

Finally got new business cards.

There was a recent conversation I was having with a friend, where it seemed that their impression of me was that I “had it easy” with my combination of design and development. It didn’t quite sit right with me, even if I did understand where they were coming from. Some paths are “easier” or “harder” depending on the perspective. I was thinking about this blog, and just how much I struggle with programming still…I counted backwards, and it’ll soon be 2 years since I officially started actual computer programming beyond puttering around in HTML/CSS. I’ve seen some of my colleagues from FreeCodeCamp grow into full-blown developers, and there are even others that are one even after a few months. I think I’m a little embarrassed that I kept this blog and it’s contents for this long, but it really helps to remind me of positive things that I created, and what I used to design like. I don’t really know if anyone would care that I’d stay up long nights after school work was done to do freelance work, or that I’d make way more designs for club posters just because I thought it was fun. I wasn’t good at it, but I’m starting to accept that some things out there really are marathons, and not sprints. Sure, things like pedigree, family background, and charisma will get you pretty far, but for those without, you just have to trust that someone out there will understand, or that you will forge that path for yourself.

Even now I spend a lot of time struggling with whether I want to be a designer or developer from here on out. Being a graphic designer was a big dream of mine, and I didn’t think I could do it because I didn’t go to college or a specialty school for it. But here I am. But afterwards, what if what you thought you wanted was not exactly what you want to do, or can do? How do you come to terms with that?


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