Toronto Defiant Rise Together

titans rise // runaway plays

Overwatch League Stage 1 finals were played! I worked on a new lettering project after taking a break in January, where I decided to illustrate the slogans/hashtags of all 20 teams in this year’s games.


Hangzhou Spark – #Bang
San Francisco Shock – #ShockTheWorld
Vancouver Titans – #ForceofNature
New York Excelsior – #EverUpward
Boston Uprising – #BostonUp⁠
Chengdu Hunters – #LetsGoHunt
Florida Mayhem – #BringTheMayhem
Los Angeles Gladiators – #ShieldsUP
Los Angeles Valiant – #WingsOut
London Spitfire – #AcesHigh
Philadelphia Fusion – #IONthePrize
Atlanta Reign – #LetItReign
Dallas Fuel – #BurnBlue
Paris Eternal – #FiatLux
Washington Justice – #JusticeIsServed
Houston Outlaws – #AnteUp
Seoul Dynasty – #RoarOn
Shanghai Dragons – #BreakThrough
Guangzhou Charge – #FeelTheCharge
Toronto Defiant – #RiseTogether

⁠ ⁠

I’m slowly uploading them to Instagram with my comments! Let’s go, Toronto! The Toronto Defiant made it to the Stage 1 playoffs, but were eliminated in the first round.

Twitter // Twitch

I haven’t been able to successfully export usable files from Twitch or upload them properly to Youtube, so I should spend more time troubleshooting it. I wanted to save them, but the files keep coming out wonky, or fail to be processed, which really sucks. I’m trying to figure out some non-indoor or screen hobbies to do. Maybe work on some toastmaster-y skills.

I started playing main tank in Overwatch. * channels Bumper energy * Admittedly, because I didn’t understand what my off-tank partner wants from me, I’ve been tasked with learning Zarya so I can get a feel for timing. >o<!! Let me bubble you~



beast shock// E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

Did a little bit of reading after seeing Edge of Tomorrow.

Not much this week, been really busy organizing things for the anime club, and prepping things for applications. Also designed these Super Smash Bros. 4 posters for an upcoming 3DS meet-up and tournament event.

Maybe this joke is a bit too subtle? Poor Chrom~
I always want more chances to use serif fonts. Sigh…
Mario is a different resolution.

Final versions, messed up the anti-aliasing, will remember for next time.



SSB4 FB Event BannerSSB4-webbanner-edited

a whiff of poison

I recently submitted and designed a page for the Passion8 Magazine. passion8-layout-small-01 I’ve been a bit snowed in with work and general fourth-year things, but I managed to get my Linkedin account updated and my Behance portfolio started up. I’m going to revamp my portfolio and resume in the next few weeks, so we’ll see how that goes. If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be in my studio. o_od I have a corner to myself that I’ll be “living” in for the next 8 months, haha.


4 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver4

3 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver3

2 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver2

1 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver1

6 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver5

7 ADA-MobileDraft1-Ver5-LandingPage


8 ADA-MobileDraft1-Ver5-LandingPageScroll

5 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver4-LandingPageScroll








“I get by with a little help from my friends”

This isn’t new, but I’ll be uploading some more layouts I’ve had a hand in. I don’t always write the story, or do the entire layout myself, which is why I haven’t really uploaded any before.

Infographic by AW; story by E. Molocoton, layout by D. Mistry, Twitter graphic by D. Mistry.

Layout and graphic work; story by L. Wilson.

illusions of the mind

The final set of Club That Really Likes Anime posters. I haven’t really had any real “new” designs in a while, still looking at ways to improve them. The cost of printing them is a pain, so future runs are hopefully b/w photocopies on colour paper rather than full colour.

They can be printed in black-and-white as well, but they rely too much on colour to catch the eye.

I don’t like these ones quite as much.

Spring ’12 anime:
AAB (Angry Anime Bitches, if you really have to know) is currently blogging the Spring 2012 season of anime. We’re also taking part in the Aniblog Tourney! I hope get we at least get into the second round- in case you’re wondering where we are on this list, we’re in the blue bracket. Lots of good blogs to check out, but please consider supporting us (or just reading, anyway).

I will probably drop everything except maybe one or two shows for the Spring anime season, but here’s a general idea of what I will be watching:

– ZETMAN (I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Seinen, action, drama.)

Will watch: Sakamichi no Apollon. This is why…to compare, it’s a good version of Tsuritama.

Otome game-based shows (they will be terrible, but I’ll watch them on-and-off >_<): Hiiro no Kakera, Arcana Famigalia, Hakuouki: Reimoroku

Maybes: Fate/Zero II, Jormungand

Feel free to recommend shows~ I won’t watch them all, but I’ll at least try them. ^_^ *runs away to watch ZETMAN ep 3*