2B walking away with a sword and 9S holding a lunar tear.

calling for tea// ashen memories

2B walking away with the lettering "emotions are prohibited" placed on top.2B walking away with a sword and 9S holding a lunar tear.
Bro Calendar 2019 was released last year. Thanks again to @kaitou_ace/ensuing for organizing.

Overwatch League 2019 started this year! Which team are you cheering for? I’m pretty behind on posting…anything, really. Art, lettering. Here’s the backlog for now.

Girl with green hair in buns, blue blouse, skirt, and yellow socks sits with her knees to her chest on a background of white leaves. Boy with white hair brushes his hair aside and has 4 eyes on one side of his face. Girl clutching her chest with an angry expression Girl on a dark background with a red rose on her lapel. Kirby flying in the sky with 2019 glasses and a party hat Monster Hunter sticker collection 9S and Pod cheer 2B on in Soul Calibur. "Mission Accepted: Glory ot Mankind. 2B for Soul Calibur" Moira in a tailcoat holding two presents "Merry Christmas 12.2018" DVa and her mech with the new years greeting "2019 launch" Brigitte holding a baguette Brigitte holding a baguette with the lettering "Oh, they have a baguette" Sombra in Toronto Defiant gear "See you 2019 TO x OWL" Persona 5 parody self portrait based on the all-out attack eye animation.


why don’t you do right?

Been busy with fonɛtɛks and start of term, so I’ll keep this short-

My old blog finally got its long-needed facelift into a portfolio

My last co-op employer gave me a bit of advice about my personality- they thought I tended to understate my achievements and accomplishments, and needed to “toot my horn” more often. The purpose of it is to leave an impression on those around you, and if a project comes out and they need advice, they know who to ask. I suppose that’s why most of the people I consider “successful” in my eyes have that extra cockiness? o_o;;

Club That Really Likes Anime F’12 membership cards. Stay tuned for the 20th anniversary designs.

Join our party!

And…the last thing, well, I’ll upload later once I make it shiny. Web fonts and free reign over design? Check, and check.

Peggy Lee- Why don’t you do right?
Presentation Zen // Note and Point // Fount

I found this while digging in an old notebook. It makes me happy. That is all. :P

Until next time!

scientia potentia est

Federation of Students space survey results in an infographic. Please see the full story in today’s issue of Imprint.

Final version did not include this extra graph.

Inspiration and strong influences from the National Post graphic section.

Err…and in other news-
A Cheerful! Japan Tachikoma deploys!

I had the honour of being invited to a certain surprise party thrown for the forward-traveling Pheon.

Many people pulled together for a great celebration for memories and well wishes. The toast was provided by Rosetech’s “Tokyo Big Sight Souvenir” ita-sake.

It is better to travel well than to arrive. -Buddha

Seems like a lot of people are moving around! And changing! Did I mention graduating? XD Lots to be thankful for, and to reflect on for the future.

the longest road// final destinations undetermined

The world is a great book, of which they that never stir from home read only a page.
-St. Augustine

I was asked by a friend to draw this before his trip. I tried something a little different for this. I originally wanted to Photoshop a custom nendoroid, but that didn’t work out so well with low-resolution photos.

References are from Mikatan’s Blog.

Original base image.


Won’t be posting the final version here, please follow the original person’s adventures! YOSH! Have a safe trip~

I’m going to start moving more towards speed-painting or more gradient-orientated cel-shading. I’ve been stuck on this style of colouring for too long, and it’s not helping.

Projects: Sketch-Up, HTML5, Blender, Javascript, more CMS

dangerous vectors// ostinato

I’m only posting this as a reminder to myself to write this post sometime, but I can’t do it right now.

Victoria, BC: I’ve never been this far from home, and I can’t say “by myself,” since there were plenty of friends. ^^

This blog: The bad part about all this is that I have to write another blog for class, which is going to eat into this one. I’ll be cross-posting work when I can, but I’ll be over here on White Wind Musings as well as here. I’m not very strong on the “fine arts” aspect of things, and I still struggle with why I like it/ need it, when I can’t seem to understand it in it’s entirety. Maybe I like struggling, because it means it’s a challenge. I registered the name a long time ago, but never got around to posting to it.

The funny thing, though, is the professor seems to think that forcing the class to blog means she can read the times that the posts are made…except WordPress has the ability to set times to whenever you want. I’ve set up a “Follow Blog” function anyway, I’m not planning on faking any entries at the last minute at the end of term. I have set posts to update themselves in the past, and saved old blog posts as a different time, so I’m assuming she’s going to do random blog-checks once in a while to make sure people are moving along.

I purposefully left off the email notification widget on that blog, and I’m not going to be actively advertising it either. But, you are free to comment on it, ask questions about the fine arts program, or the assignments.

Projects: I’ve started learning how to use a DSLR camera. There’s a whole lot of things to consider, and I’ve been getting a lot of advice from friends and teachers, so it’s not that intimidating. The lenses make a lot more sense now; but still struggling with the shutter speed/aperture/ISO/white balance aspect. I’ve been practicing on hapless students human subjects for portraits, with mixed results. You can watch my progress in the Distractions section of Imprint, which is currently edited by Robo.


wind-catcher, fire-chaser

Here’s a sneak peek of something I’m taking part in!
Screenshot of book I'm taking part in.

There are times when you expect reinforcements, and all you get are more hurdles to pass through. So, next plan of action: walk around the hurdles like you’ve always have, leap over them, or throw them away?

Things have been going alright for the last week, I’m surprised I saved it all for today to write it down (here).

News: Work continues on it’s way. I’ve been progressing on different projects, depending on what’s going on. I had the opportunity to take a look the potential co-ops that would replace me next term, and analyzing them, as well as coming up with questions.

My input was mostly in terms of conflict resolution questions…because that’s one part of this job that most people don’t realize. My newest project? Helping organize a robotics challenge. I’ll leave it up to you to try and figure out how the following photo is related to that.

Robotics Challenge photo.

Humans vs. Zombies tag officially concluded on campus with the HvZ Feedback session. This event taught me many things, from the adoption of personas by unexpected people that are outside their “normal” states, assertiveness, the value of comradeship (and friends), conflict, participation, information warfare, and a mash of various things. Why did I join, despite the fact I knew that I might not like all aspects of the game? Mostly because I wanted to observe human behaviour, especially with the backdrop of information warfare. I was totally not researching things like the so-called “Twitter Revolution” before the event. XD Totally not learning for the sake of trying to take over a world…
Humans photo, Mission 2.
I did learn quite a bit about my personal failings from playing. But anyways, if you’re curious as to how things were handled, check out the Human’s Facebook Strategy Group as something of a timeline to the game at Waterloo. I’m looking forward to the next one (despite my aversion to the d-bag behaviour of some, but every barrel has a few bad apples, right?).
Humans meeting before a mission start.
Photo of humans with nerf guns.
Humans being briefed by a game moderator.
Humans photo, being briefed on mission.
The Club That Really Likes Anime has their last show this term, and Imprint currently has about three issues to go before the end of term. As much as this term was fun, I’m looking forward to next term as well. Perhaps a little…love point battle? Haha. ^^

TEDxUW took place on campus this weekend. TEDx are independently organized TED events, where speakers speak to convey ideas and encourage others to do the same. I’d highly recommend seeing the talks from the UW-based one once they’re uploaded, if you happened to miss the livestream. They used the teaching platform one of the speakers started, which was John Baker from Desire2Learn. D2L is based in Kitchener, and really hope I have a chance to use it sometime soon. Sayonara, UW-ACE~
Courtesy of FB Group, TEDX attendees photo.

Of the speakers, it was clear who were the experienced ones when it came to presentations. Of the line-up, I’d have to say architect Philip Beesley was probably the one that I was most curious about. Other notable speakers included the charismatic youth champion Raynold Wonder Alorse, Engineering graduate Safwan Choudry, and the ever-quotable economist Larry Smith. You could hear everyone straightening up to listen when Larry Smith was about to enter, it was that intense.

Rethinking Art and Machine (RAM) is currently running at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener (near the Charles Street bus terminal) until the end of January, and the trailer, wishy-washy as it sounds, does sound like a good place to re-examine some old prejudices. An art show I’m interested enough to want to go to, for once.

I’m going to continue posting photos here. I do know the original intention of this blog was for sketches, but I haven’t drawn anything good enough to post, perhaps the up-side is improving my composition through photography.
Davis Centre cafeteria photo. Photo of Student Life Centre at the University of Waterloo.
Despite all the object-based photos, what I originally intended was to take photos of people around me that I know and care about. I was more than a little fed up that people keep promising to send me photos, and most of them never do. So, I’m taking the photos myself. I know memories are important, but I don’t know about you, but my memory for faces is poor- chances are, people won’t look the same anymore, or they won’t be around for you take their photo anyway. Goal: take more photos of friends, I suppose? If they let me, that is.