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cross my heart// quantum

Really tired this week for no reason…the office is 8 minutes from the bus stop, but it’s actually cold for once.

This is the final CTRL-A project I will work on. Pinky promise, cross my heart. Best to leave it to the new people to figure it out.

W15_tri tri-test-b
W15-voting Show One Voting Poster ANSI D-01-01
ウサトラ。 – 8tracks playlist (Tiger & Bunny)

the original power// at noon

IMG_2244 It’s Aoba and Ren- in fact, the artist that draws the game they’re from drew my current wallpaper.

I’m into week 7 on of writing my column, and I think I’m getting hang of the structure and tone. However, I often get distracted trying to track down accurate additional information and editing my column to an acceptable length. I actually managed to kept it under 650 words (500 is the recommended maximum…) this week. I hope my topics haven’t been too simplistic or boring, I just don’t want to straight up review anime/manga/games. I do try to relate it to content in “mainstream” in some way, so I’m not drowning new people in otaku jargon. The next installment will come out on Friday, so pick it up in person, or read it online. Feedback welcome~


As you can see, this is kind of an haphazard solution- I didn’t have time to think it through. Next time, no all caps in the banners, because it’s kind of overwhelming, especially if placed with other items.


Screenshot of what the CTRL-A website looks like at the moment.


This is the “original” kettle, though the second of four since I started working here.

I finish this post up with a few images of a kettle that we’re using at work. I suspect that because of the warranty, we got another kettle (the fourth one). As speculated by a co-worker, due to the number of people in the office that might want hot water/tea/instant coffee, the kettle might run up to 12 times a day, therefore wearing it down faster than, say, if used at home between fewer people. The other thing is that you can’t tell how hot the water is/how long ago it was boiled without doing a touch test.


To operate, you have to fill it with water, and push up on the knob on the side. Though, I think for my perspective, the knob doesn’t indicate “up”; some kettles have a flat area to show that a thumb can press down, or have a push switch that indicates direction.


Guess which button gets used the most? The kettle is actually “complicated,” as when you press the Power button, the kettle icon in the display flashes, but there is no indication that this is the sign for “boiling in progress.”


Things to work on:
Upcoming CTRL-A event items (covering for Publicity at the moment), portfolio website upgrade, applying to jerbs, thinking about whether I should start doing freelance again.

in resonance// portable fear

Graphic for last week’s Mini Otaku Box column, kinda sloppy.
Kid~ This style is very much “I traveled backwards 4 years.”

Club That Really Likes Anime voting poster! (Originally ANSI D size.)
Show One Voting Poster ANSI D

Misc. posters for the CTRL-A mini showing at the Renison’s 20th Annual East Asian Festival this weekend.
1 Renison-CTRL-A Activities

3 Renison-Shows

2 Renison-CTRL-A Recruit

rise, reset, revolve// time-spun

I’ll update with a news post after I finish moving. Still working on the rest of the drawings that will be going on the membership cards, as well as the banner and posters, but here’s what I have so far.

Aldnoah Zero ED2 – aLIEz (Piano Cover) by ~ishter-kun~

Facebook headers (it turns out, they don’t work well in the mobile view). :/
Facebook Banner

Ver 2
Web banner.
Web Banner
Low-res versions of the illustrations.


I’m not entirely set with the body text, as it’s a bit light and might not turn out well in print. Some of them will be edited to include the Show 1 schedule instead of the copy text. Maybe the call-to-action needs to be stronger? If you have any suggestions or see any horrible mistakes, let me know in the comments. >v<” (EDIT: Poster dates, date formatting, and comma splice errors have been corrected for the final printing.)

















Drafts under the cut. Might have gone overboard with the punctuation. >_>


if only I had thorns like a thistle

Covering for the Publicity Officer between terms again, so I designed a few more things. The rest are in the usual place, under the CTRL-A tag.


Copy text needs to be updated, and other info. x_x

S14 Yowapeda

S14 Precure

S14 Evangelion

S14 Genocider

S14 Lady Satsuki

S14 Sailor Moon

S14 One Piece

S14 FB Banner



before my body is dry// don’t lose your way

These aren’t as creative as the last batch I made, but I felt really happy with this set for some reason. >u>”









W14 FB Banner

Attempting to be creative…>_>
grim reminder

I’ll post the membership cards when I get them printed. We’re working on something with K-W Tricon to get discount codes to go, more information on that later.

Things are going to be really busy at work, so if I’m not in class, I’ll be in the Feds office. Though, my parents are a bit concerned that I’m putting so much energy into a part-time job when I should be concentrating on graduating this term (and this isn’t even including the club activities and side-projects I want to do). This will probably be my last major post before school, as there’s a lot of work still to be done on my undergraduate thesis and studio.

Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

“Do you want to build a snowman…?”

I finished the first half of my last year of school (though, in Waterloo terms, I’ve been in 4A for a year already because of talking classes during co-op), so I’m starting to make plans of what I should be working on in preparation for graduation. I know that’s vague, but I think I have a good idea of what I want to do over the break, which will include what I should be adding or removing from my portfolio.

If you have any suggestions, please send them my way. I’ll also be finishing up the design for my resume.

W14 Prep FB Banner

W14 Prep FB Banner2

“…even I have no reason to despair”

“The joyful will stoop with sorrow, and when
you have gone to the earth I will let my hair
grow long for your sake, I will wander through
the wilderness in the skin of a lion.”
― The Epic of Gilgamesh

The only reason first generation Pokemon were chosen is because they are the ones that are instantly recognizable from afar.
Pokemon XY Poster_ver3