comments and semi-colons

End of term means preparing for assignment deadlines (and exam!), and finishing a illustration project. Can’t talk much about it here, but I’ll definitely share when I complete it.

I suppose embarrassing yourself by burning out an LED is one way to learn. ><” Arduino hooked up to a potentiometer.

White Pi Day is coming…?


The Puella Magia Madoka Magica films are coming to Canada. Part 1 is playing Thursday March 14, and Part 2 is playing on Wednesday March 20. I highly recommend these films, especially to those that have not seen the series, or have an interest in the exploration of genres.

P.S. My designs for the UW English Society (@UWEnglSoc) sweaters were accepted, and are being printed soon! I know they’re not the $12 “accident” sweaters made for UW Engineering, but I guess it’s OK. I wonder how many people even like linguistics out of all the classes they take in university. =.=