Attack on Titan

the princess effect

Fanart for Phi? o-o

She’s wearing a Mikasa scarf~


wings of freedom// 自由の翼

Just a quick post to notify that I am busy with projects that I am finishing up (web design freelance and beginning-of-term tasks), as well as beginning my new part-time job.

JK was in Japan recently and brought me back stories of Ikekuburo and swallowtail butlers! It’s really nice to have people you can invite over to your house for tea and cake.

Which somehow evolved into an afternoon activity…

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (“Shingeki no Kyojin”) features a group of people called the “Scouting Legion” – a group of soldiers that venture out of the safety of their walls to try to gain information on their enemy, the titans. Their symbol is also known as the “wings of freedom.”



Final- almost seems ready to head off into the wilds to gain valuable information!

She also brought me back things from the nitro+ store that is open for a limited time.

Thank you~

Until tomorrow! School is starting soon…work-term report…it never ends. XD Or maybe it does?