Black Rock Shooter Beast

remnants of crake// the remaining gardeners

Going to reincarnate as a donut…

because your ghost still resides here

I can try and tag this under prop-making and turn this into an “art” post…?

Sorry, no nice vacation photos to wow you with. I don’t think I’ll ever end up going “on vacation,” like everyone else, it’s just not the way it works. Enjoy your time, savour it…I’ll go someday, for sure. Maybe when my pocket is a little more full. Still jealous though, like I’m missing a “status” thing. :T

Not doing what’s in the picture, haha. ^^ But translating! With the help Google translate, hiragana/katakana charts, and help of online friend(s).

Today’s tasks – continue with armour building. Materials: Latex gloves, face mask, spray paint, saws, craft knives, exacto knives, carpenter glue, markers, rulers, cardboard, gesso, sponge brushes, newspaper, art board (to sit on), vacuum cleaner.

Rare creature sighting on blog. o-o

Testing spray paint on knee armour.

Learning to spray paint. Pretty hard to breath with the heat and face mask, but it was OK~ Semi-gloss, so I don’t have to spend x-number of dollars on finish from Michaels'(King of all over-priced things).

Making pattern for leg plates.

That’s all for today. I really hope I have enough energy to finish this tomorrow, so I work on the weapons and the actual part of the cosplay (the clothes OTZ).


Some updates on Reading Week activities- other than school.

Never had this kind of overwhelming enthusiasm for a PSP game before. This is what happens when you spend about 2 terms thinking about it. And drawing something new.

BRSB, or “Beast-chan” poses. I messed with the white balance a little to make it warm. (More, better, photos later, Robo.)


the open window// beast

I’ll be uploading more photos soon, but have a safe and fun Reading Week! (Despite that “Reading Week” is implied to be a study period…no one treats it as such.)

The Club That Really Likes Anime is hosting a cosplay cafe! I wonder what people will dress up as…I’ll be there to take photos. ^_^

A wild beast appears!?!


a gun in the hand is worth two in the holster

For some, travel is a way to pass the time, to exert change on an environment by moving oneself. There’s the lull of the wheels of time, weaving in through highways and unfrequented roads. This term, much like the last one, had it’s ups and downs (expected), it’s more the frequency and depth that was hard to deal with. I suppose I’m getting to that age…? Meh, enough old lady talk.

Anyways, I’ll leave my rambling for elsewhere, and pack away my things for another term. This will probably be summed up as a whole later, there’s still four more months in the year. Though, the overall theme for the term was the realization that I had more friends than I realized in times of crises, and more people actually understood the situation without me having to speak.

I never full grasped the golden quality in good friends I hadn’t fully appreciated until now. Red and black strings are easy to cut when tangled, and all people are surrounded by these, but golden ones nearly unseverable. Thanks for long nights, bacon, shimeji, talks over hamburgers, the sharing of stories, raging about guys, language, learning, social cues, Sculpey, dumpster dresses, trips to Michaels’, midnight bike rides, Happy Meals, tea biscuits, double-down major jokes, tentacle doujin, crit-crashing, police encounter stories…oh gods, so much.

Sorry about the sporadic dating on posts. At least I’m not homeless next term? Note to self: running on less than 5 hours of sleep over the course of two days is beyond your capabilities, you’re not a first-year anymore. Also, stop muttering like a deranged person.