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Graphic for “Please Save My Money: Taisho x Alice x Disaster” by Krystallina/daiyamanga (Twitter)

Graphic for Please Save My Money: To Share or Not to Share” by Krystallina/daiyamanga (Twitter)

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I recently joined Justin and Helen from TheOASG on the podcast to talk about Makoto Shinkai’s “Your name.” The film had a rather large run in the theatres here, and I saw it for the second time. Please check it out, we talk about recent news and what anime we are currently watching as well!

TheOASG Podcast Episode 28: What About The Body-Swapping Anime Film?

Finally got new business cards.


a whiff of poison

I recently submitted and designed a page for the Passion8 Magazine. passion8-layout-small-01 I’ve been a bit snowed in with work and general fourth-year things, but I managed to get my Linkedin account updated and my Behance portfolio started up. I’m going to revamp my portfolio and resume in the next few weeks, so we’ll see how that goes. If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be in my studio. o_od I have a corner to myself that I’ll be “living” in for the next 8 months, haha.


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