chinese names

anatomy of a chinese name

Hey everyone…

This is my homework assignment. I made two versions because I wasn’t happy with the poster version. Click to enlarge, and sorry about the really light sans serif fonts. I tried. ><”

This is probably the first time I’ve written my chinese name in such huge letters.

Credit: I pull data from a lot of different sites and tried to make it as accurate as possible, but any mistakes are my own. I’ll try and link the sites I used later, but awesome sites such as Chinese Etymology and MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary were a big help.

Version 1: Test Poster; issues with layout and spelling, text too light

Version 2: “Scroll”; still awkward, but this is as close I can get it to what I want.

who you are// what you are

A lot of people don’t understand how chinese names work-

One thing at a time~

Been playing Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward…I’m really glad I asked to borrow the first game (999: 9 hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors), and despite the slow pace I’m working through it, I’m enjoying every second.