I think I’d like to try and make the violin from Fisheye Placebo sometime.
fisheye distorted lens

Mario Savio’s Speech at Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964

Progress photos

The major outfit part of the cosplay was a suit, which I purchased from the Valu Village at King and Ottawa. The headphones is made of coat hanger wire and craft foam. The mask shown below is paper mache, but I discovered it was too heavy.

I abandoned my paper mache mask (despite being almost completely done), and switched over to craft foam, and added stretched nylon over the eye parts. I used sticker label paper to design the mask, and both sides of the mask were overlaid with clear sticker paper. Visibility is very poor when the mask is put on, and the elastic isn’t very well attached…I’ll remake it better sometime.





One of the few selfies I’ll probably ever take.

wings of freedom// 自由の翼

Just a quick post to notify that I am busy with projects that I am finishing up (web design freelance and beginning-of-term tasks), as well as beginning my new part-time job.

JK was in Japan recently and brought me back stories of Ikekuburo and swallowtail butlers! It’s really nice to have people you can invite over to your house for tea and cake.

Which somehow evolved into an afternoon activity…

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (“Shingeki no Kyojin”) features a group of people called the “Scouting Legion” – a group of soldiers that venture out of the safety of their walls to try to gain information on their enemy, the titans. Their symbol is also known as the “wings of freedom.”



Final- almost seems ready to head off into the wilds to gain valuable information!

She also brought me back things from the nitro+ store that is open for a limited time.

Thank you~

Until tomorrow! School is starting soon…work-term report…it never ends. XD Or maybe it does?

the final ascent

I’ll get to uploading the other graphic design work I’ve been busy with lately, but here’s my first “project” I made at Kwartzlab.

I traced the patterns form a jacket I own onto cookie parchment and newspaper, and then transfered it onto the denim.

No buttons yet, going to have to wait to get home to do those.
IMG_0500 Cosplay photo

I have a feeling I could have used the surger for some part of it, but since I wasn’t too confident, I’m going to save that for next time. The original cosplay image has long sleeves, but it might be too hot to wear at the convention, so I cut them short. :V Not accurate, but at least I’ll be “cooler,” haha.

I’ve gathered most of the materials I will need for the creation of a PSYCHO-PASS Dominator, including LEDs, wires, heatshrinks, batteries, resistors, but the modelling is taking a lot longer than I thought. The two choices after modelling it with a hollow interior is to slice it to be laser cut, or printed in several parts using a 3D printer. I’ll post a diagram of what the circuit will look like in the next post, I’m probably going to go with one resistor per LED, with several parallel circuits powering red and green lights.

You can now pick up your memberships cards for CTRL-A at shows! I’ll probably post a photo of that soon, but I can guarantee it’s summer-themed! Swimming pools, swimming shorts, swimming anime…heh heh.

Off to Anime North this weekend, so will be busy for the next bit catching up on courses before/after the con. I’m doing separate coverage for Imprint and AAB, since the rest of the gang is going to Anime Boston instead this year.

every inch of you

“Don’t ask them what they want to change in the world- they will only answer with ‘I don’t know yet.'”
Stage one- lineart.

Stage two- “flatting.”

Post Anime-North report is below, I think everyone has sufficiently posted enough photos (and nicer ones, too!) to have stolen all the thunder, so I will only make several comments about it.

Travel conditions: I stayed in the hotel this year, and it was a different experience to be immersed in this temporary “world” for three days. Not only did I meet new people (most of them LoL-ers), I managed to take “spare time” and use it for Street-pass. The only issue was being distracted from things, which might have been annoying to people. That and actually owning a phone this year, and people texting to find out where I was. Weather was nice, 20 minute walk to the convention centre is fairly decent.

No point in cosplaying if you’re not in character. In this case, Snake chases Pokemon and runs from photographers.

Not the legendary 5-hour pre-registration line on Friday, this is from Saturday.

It’s “Urbacon”…?

Cosplay: I enjoyed the increased in “original” cosplay. As much as accuracy attracts attention, clever cosplay that questions and reflects on the fandom is always welcome. Not everyone is suited for certain cosplay, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t. “Free Hugs” jackets, girls wearing dakimakuras, obscure characters that no one will appreciate unless they’re in that tiny, 2% niche. As much as 50 people crowd around that one person, there’s another, one cosplay that will make your day. Just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean that it’s not good.

Madoka photoshoot. Couldn’t get close enough because of everyone else~


“Ladies and gentlemen~ Let the show begin!”

Bonus points if you can name the movie this is from…if not, maybe you can borrow it from me!

Things I picked up: I bought 2 things, not including the money spent on food and housing. The reality of living outside of your own home is that everything costs. So even if you’re complaining that you’re living at home, remember to save up, because once you leave, there’s no going back. I’m pretty sure most of my university friends at Waterloo understand what I mean, some more than others.

Not to say I’m judging people based on what they do with their money (well, maybe a little), but we all have a better understanding of both situations than friends that live at home and rely on care-givers for a lot more things, how hard it is on your own.

Anyway! I made a beeline for Shilin’s table and was able to nab a copy of Carciphona volume 2.

As for the second item…you will see it in a later post. Don’t ask why I’m buying cards for a game very few people play. It doesn’t make any monetary sense, but…I’ll enjoy this while it lasts.

Panels: I’m not much of a panel fan, because they usually degenerate into discussions I don’t particular care about, like conspiracy fandom rumours about a show. I did, however, go to a panel on otome games…and discovered, after one year of reading about this topic, I know nothing about them. ^^U It’s good to learn new things when you least expect to.

You can practically see everyone’s eyes glowing at the sight of Girl’s Style magazines! XD

Memories: I took photos of people, and not just the cosplayers. Hanging out with friends, Street-passing, trying new activities.

On growing up: I still consider anime a “lifestyle,” rather than a hobby. A friend once corrected me when I said I didn’t consider myself “otaku” like the rest of my friends, and I still remember that quite clearly. I’m not quite the casual fan, but not quite that hardcore about it, but I am serious about anime being a part of my life. Perhaps Anime North is that fantasy wonderland where we all visit every year to remember our youth, and see our friends as we were- and we wonder when we’ll wake up and ask what we were dreaming of all along. Or perhaps not?

OK, off to catch up on AAB posts. >_< And then the VN drawings.

because your ghost still resides here

I can try and tag this under prop-making and turn this into an “art” post…?

Sorry, no nice vacation photos to wow you with. I don’t think I’ll ever end up going “on vacation,” like everyone else, it’s just not the way it works. Enjoy your time, savour it…I’ll go someday, for sure. Maybe when my pocket is a little more full. Still jealous though, like I’m missing a “status” thing. :T

Not doing what’s in the picture, haha. ^^ But translating! With the help Google translate, hiragana/katakana charts, and help of online friend(s).

Today’s tasks – continue with armour building. Materials: Latex gloves, face mask, spray paint, saws, craft knives, exacto knives, carpenter glue, markers, rulers, cardboard, gesso, sponge brushes, newspaper, art board (to sit on), vacuum cleaner.

Rare creature sighting on blog. o-o

Testing spray paint on knee armour.

Learning to spray paint. Pretty hard to breath with the heat and face mask, but it was OK~ Semi-gloss, so I don’t have to spend x-number of dollars on finish from Michaels'(King of all over-priced things).

Making pattern for leg plates.

That’s all for today. I really hope I have enough energy to finish this tomorrow, so I work on the weapons and the actual part of the cosplay (the clothes OTZ).