sins of the father

Filmed with teammates (two of which star in the film); participated in directing, filming, lighting, music, audio, video editing, notes, script-writing.

Tools: EOS 60D DSLR, road-holster mike, tripod, lamps, Final Cut Pro

DAC 202 – Winter 2012 – Student Production
Produced by:
S. Bersch, R. East, A. Montesdoca, A. Wong
“Two Cups of Tea”

From working on a Digital Arts Communications (DAC) project- it can be described that I learned a lot about team dynamics and group work in the making of this project. Not to say it was all positive, but I learned a lot about working with other people, and well, obviously, making a film project from the ground to the final product.

Other films I enjoyed from the class (but do not have affliation with):
“An Almost Perfect Love Story”
“The Deal”


The next project was produced for a hybrid media class. The excessive length was not intended, but considering how bad it was in the last few weeks of school, this is actually something I don’t mind sharing, and admitting there are many, many flaws in.

It was made as an experimentation in Final Cut Pro- with the only special effects being the layering. The rest of the film was shot with a flip-cam and traditional media.

Tools: Mino Flip Video (“flip-cam”), Final Cut Pro

Hybrid Media Experimentation
Produced by:
A. Wong
“Self-Directed: Untitled”

Make your mistakes, move on.