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I started writing for Imprint as a columnist. I didn’t know what to name my column, and any ideas I came up with already exist as anime blogs. At the end, the title became “Mini Otaku Box.” You can pick it up on campus in print, or read it online. I can’t say that I’ve ever written a column, so if you have pointers on this week’s column, let me know.

Super Smash Brothers 4 “What You Did in the Dark” AMV

I won’t take a photo of my column every week.

There was another design/development event at Boltmade (called “Method Jam“), where different people would discuss topics from trying to push design earlier in the process, team building, the use of design sprints, and how to do business when most of the time people want features, or think they know what they want. There were a mix of people, from big enterprise to startups, but it was genuinely interesting and engaging. I gained a little bit more insight into the problems that companies might face, and how my current workplace has solved some of these issues. I’m not saying that UW has it right (there is room to improve, and it’s not like there isn’t a constant demand for new online courses), but it’s good to hear about strategies and contrasts.

While there, I met someone else that had started Coursera’s Human-Computer Interaction course, and was working through it with members of their team, and applying to projects at work. It turns out, you don’t have to follow schedule that is set, you can just do the course on your own time, and still be able to access the content after. Which means I can actually go back and finish up the rest of the course (I had originally dropped it to concentrate on the Python class). I think it covers user observation and Balsamiq (among other things), so it should be fun. “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” is starting soon, if you’re interested.

But yeah, design sprints…I hope to be able to attend more events like this in the future, or maybe someone at work will be interested in working on things like this with me. The Fluxible user-experience design conference is this weekend in K-W – maybe another year?


Preview of the voting poster for Show 1.
Dumping my unfinished doodles into here.
Blue1 Blue2 Blue3 Blue4 Blue5 Blue6 Blue7 Blue8 Blue9 Blue10

I’ve done a lot of CTRL-A flyers before, but there’s always some way to tweak it.

rise, reset, revolve// time-spun

I’ll update with a news post after I finish moving. Still working on the rest of the drawings that will be going on the membership cards, as well as the banner and posters, but here’s what I have so far.

Aldnoah Zero ED2 – aLIEz (Piano Cover) by ~ishter-kun~

Facebook headers (it turns out, they don’t work well in the mobile view). :/
Facebook Banner

Ver 2
Web banner.
Web Banner
Low-res versions of the illustrations.


I’m not entirely set with the body text, as it’s a bit light and might not turn out well in print. Some of them will be edited to include the Show 1 schedule instead of the copy text. Maybe the call-to-action needs to be stronger? If you have any suggestions or see any horrible mistakes, let me know in the comments. >v<” (EDIT: Poster dates, date formatting, and comma splice errors have been corrected for the final printing.)

















Drafts under the cut. Might have gone overboard with the punctuation. >_>


if only I had thorns like a thistle

Covering for the Publicity Officer between terms again, so I designed a few more things. The rest are in the usual place, under the CTRL-A tag.


Copy text needs to be updated, and other info. x_x

S14 Yowapeda

S14 Precure

S14 Evangelion

S14 Genocider

S14 Lady Satsuki

S14 Sailor Moon

S14 One Piece

S14 FB Banner



i’ll keep looking for you, even after you’re gone

Tips on how to deal with mid-term irritability-

It is the time of the term where good friends will turn into snarling beasts, and bitter rivals won’t even waste effort to look in your direction- you know it’s mid-term season. It’s a rather unbearable period, as you’ll suddenly find yourself drowning in more projects than planned, and you’re wondering where all your free time went. The lethal combination of little sleep, lack of good company, and poor diet often leads to something I call “mid-term irritability.”

There are several ways to dealing with it, as it is not possible to entirely blow off stress by avoiding the source of stress, but this will make you bearable in the company of others. You’re irritable? Well, so am I. Get on with it.

a. A little complaining is OK, but exploding is not. Take a walk, grab a drink of water.
b. Eat well. I can’t deal without snacks. If you see someone neglecting food and they’re not getting anywhere in their work because of it, ask if they want to grab food together. 15 minutes won’t kill you.
c. Do not belittle the mid-terms or assignments of another person. Treat each faculty and deadline equally. Others have stress too, but just because you have a x-faculty 55% mid-term doesn’t give you the entitlement to disrespect their studies.
d. Friends, not-friends- stuff happens. Some things can wait. Some things can’t. Use your judgement.
e. If lack of sleep is turning you into a raging person, make a point of staying away from people.
g. Celebrate the little things, even if you have a bazillion things to do after. You’ll need it. Done just means doing more, so keep yourself motivated!

Phi says “hi”! And she misses people~ Maybe after midterms…

Miku-chan wants to play Dreamy Theatre…

More banners.

Anyways, back to work.

the darkest of the tempest// k-project

Just under half of the slides I made were accepted, but here’s the almost-finished iteration of the slides.

Velocity Garage

Very close to final version.

Photos are courtesy of Shubhagata Sengupta and Velocity, with the exceptions of the ones of the Garage, which I took myself.

Version one had twelve slides…I went a little font-crazy, a lot of these slides got cut.

Club That Really Likes Anime 20th Anniversary Celebration
The Club That Really Likes Anime at the University of Waterloo is having its 20th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a 12-hour show; anime, games, Weiss Schwarz, food…and it’s all free! I hope we get to meet more otaku at this event. We’re basically trying to give people a taste of what we do over the course of a term, so it’s almost the equivalent of us trying to run a mini-con of our own. o_od

Time: Saturday October 27, 2012, 12 noon to midnight
Location: Arts Lecture Hall, University of Waterloo
Admission: Free, and open to the public!

Hope you can come, if you can. ^_^

Web banner~

Imprint graphics I haven’t gotten around to adding:

Opinion cartoon for the Sep. 14 issue, concept by M. Ilic.

Opinion cartoon for Sep. 28 issue, concept by P. McGeown.

Cover graphic for the plagiarism story.

Banner for distractions.

into the valley below

(Respectful) Imprint usage #23: protecting textbooks from the rest of one’s backpack.

OK, exercising self-restraint…I can honestly stop tagging posts with “artblock.” I really don’t like the shading style, but I might as well learn it by using it. Cel-shading, minus opacity and brushes might be the easy way out, but it’s clean.

There are some days where “sass” is completely appropriate…if only the other person wasn’t sensitive. You can never have enough sass.

Fundamental Flaws

Spent the day manning a table with Alsonia.

I hereby resign myself to being permanently behind in any kind of popular culture, books, anime, movies, news, and personal projects for the term.

Aardvarks are mostly solitary and nocturnal, but sometimes will come out during the day to sun themselves. When aardvarks sleep, they block the entrance to their burrow, leaving only a very small opening at the top, and curl into a tight ball. Especially during the rains, aardvarks may dig themselves new burrows almost nightly. (AWF).