comments and semi-colons

End of term means preparing for assignment deadlines (and exam!), and finishing a illustration project. Can’t talk much about it here, but I’ll definitely share when I complete it.

I suppose embarrassing yourself by burning out an LED is one way to learn. ><” Arduino hooked up to a potentiometer.

White Pi Day is coming…?


The Puella Magia Madoka Magica films are coming to Canada. Part 1 is playing Thursday March 14, and Part 2 is playing on Wednesday March 20. I highly recommend these films, especially to those that have not seen the series, or have an interest in the exploration of genres.

P.S. My designs for the UW English Society (@UWEnglSoc) sweaters were accepted, and are being printed soon! I know they’re not the $12 “accident” sweaters made for UW Engineering, but I guess it’s OK. I wonder how many people even like linguistics out of all the classes they take in university. =.=


a feast for crows

This did not turn out the way I wanted it to. @_@

English crest pencil draft

Nothing like charging forward, and getting knocked flat onto your back. If you can stand up and keep going, do so.


My current workplace asked me to pick a generation one Pokemon to represent myself on their wall.

Already taken are: Ditto, Pikachu, Cloyster, Snorlax, Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, and Alakazam.

Note to self: University of Waterloo’s OpenData API (Github)

equal parts gin and unhappiness

As promised, I have included my design project for the term from my Information Design class.

In summary, I wasn’t entirely happy with the way the class was set up, but I enjoyed it immensely, and I really wish there were more classes like this, but went into deeper thought and teaching of the concept of information design.

Uploaded to my blog with the permission of my teammates.

Photos used in the “Tutorial” are from Wikimedia Commons and the UW website.


Research and Plan Analysis- A. Le, K. Lui
Concept Map- K. Lui and A. Wong
UI Design and mock-ups- A. Wong, feedback and help from K. Lui

This was designed with no consideration as to whether it is feasible as a whole. There is no coding in any of this, only the mock-ups, and we have no plans to pitch this to the English department at this moment.

With that in mind, constructive feedback is welcome. I wouldn’t mind feedback in the comments section below, and apologies in advance if you feel offended that all design/interaction usability guidelines were broken.

Without further ado…

The Problem
The English department of the University of Waterloo consists of twelve different programs, general, honour majors, joint majors, specializations and minor degrees. The English program allows for much flexibility for the students when deciding which courses to take for future semesters, such as courses that could be use for one or more of the English majors, some of the courses are also anti-requisite of one another.

The problem however is when it comes to the time of the student planning their next semesters or so, the course which the student is interested in enrolling in might not be offer or the student enroll into courses which does not count toward their degree. To rectify these types of problems our group purpose an application to assist potential and current English majors to plan and keep track of their courses they have completed or will in future semesters.

Concept Map

Mock-ups with feedback

Final design

Personal comments
I need to spend more time thinking about what is feasible and what is not. In terms of reading, there’s quite a few books I need to read over the break to get a little better at this before the new year, and after that. I’m not entirely sure if there is a right or wrong way to do it- I have plenty of people tell me they are “designers,” and no one has been able to show me anything they made that I can learn from, especially from the graphic design/UI design perspective.

This actually one of those moments I wish I had a mentor around to bug with endless questions.

And what’s with people not keeping portfolios? How the heck did you get hired without showing people what you can do isn’t a lie? O_o (I guess I have the opposite problem by putting too much stuff I do online here…)