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Toronto Defiant Rise Together

titans rise // runaway plays

Overwatch League Stage 1 finals were played! I worked on a new lettering project after taking a break in January, where I decided to illustrate the slogans/hashtags of all 20 teams in this year’s games.


Hangzhou Spark – #Bang
San Francisco Shock – #ShockTheWorld
Vancouver Titans – #ForceofNature
New York Excelsior – #EverUpward
Boston Uprising – #BostonUp⁠
Chengdu Hunters – #LetsGoHunt
Florida Mayhem – #BringTheMayhem
Los Angeles Gladiators – #ShieldsUP
Los Angeles Valiant – #WingsOut
London Spitfire – #AcesHigh
Philadelphia Fusion – #IONthePrize
Atlanta Reign – #LetItReign
Dallas Fuel – #BurnBlue
Paris Eternal – #FiatLux
Washington Justice – #JusticeIsServed
Houston Outlaws – #AnteUp
Seoul Dynasty – #RoarOn
Shanghai Dragons – #BreakThrough
Guangzhou Charge – #FeelTheCharge
Toronto Defiant – #RiseTogether

⁠ ⁠

I’m slowly uploading them to Instagram with my comments! Let’s go, Toronto! The Toronto Defiant made it to the Stage 1 playoffs, but were eliminated in the first round.

Twitter // Twitch

I haven’t been able to successfully export usable files from Twitch or upload them properly to Youtube, so I should spend more time troubleshooting it. I wanted to save them, but the files keep coming out wonky, or fail to be processed, which really sucks. I’m trying to figure out some non-indoor or screen hobbies to do. Maybe work on some toastmaster-y skills.

I started playing main tank in Overwatch. * channels Bumper energy * Admittedly, because I didn’t understand what my off-tank partner wants from me, I’ve been tasked with learning Zarya so I can get a feel for timing. >o<!! Let me bubble you~


2B walking away with a sword and 9S holding a lunar tear.

calling for tea// ashen memories

2B walking away with the lettering "emotions are prohibited" placed on top.2B walking away with a sword and 9S holding a lunar tear.
Bro Calendar 2019 was released last year. Thanks again to @kaitou_ace/ensuing for organizing.

Overwatch League 2019 started this year! Which team are you cheering for? I’m pretty behind on posting…anything, really. Art, lettering. Here’s the backlog for now.

Girl with green hair in buns, blue blouse, skirt, and yellow socks sits with her knees to her chest on a background of white leaves. Boy with white hair brushes his hair aside and has 4 eyes on one side of his face. Girl clutching her chest with an angry expression Girl on a dark background with a red rose on her lapel. Kirby flying in the sky with 2019 glasses and a party hat Monster Hunter sticker collection 9S and Pod cheer 2B on in Soul Calibur. "Mission Accepted: Glory ot Mankind. 2B for Soul Calibur" Moira in a tailcoat holding two presents "Merry Christmas 12.2018" DVa and her mech with the new years greeting "2019 launch" Brigitte holding a baguette Brigitte holding a baguette with the lettering "Oh, they have a baguette" Sombra in Toronto Defiant gear "See you 2019 TO x OWL" Persona 5 parody self portrait based on the all-out attack eye animation.

Top 9 Instagram posts collage

sunflower // raise your eyes to the second sun

Top 9 posts for Instagram for this year.

Lettering summary, I made a screenshot of it again instead of posting them.
2018 lettering summary

Here’s a few of the drafts for Neomo‘s Otaku Theater on TheOASG before we settled on the final.
Neomo's Otaku Theater


I redid the graphic style for the “5 Things to Know About” series for TheOASG because it was really hard to do the old template and have it still look good. The gradient was super meh and the important information wasn’t really in the middle, so I rejigged it a bit. The half-tone hides the bad resolution of the images in the background, haha.

5 Things To Know About Aki Irie’s Ran and the Gray World by Justin
5 Things To Know About Yugo Ishikawa’s Wonderland
5 Things To Know About Taishi Tsutsui’s We Never Learn



TheOASG Neomo's Otaku Theatre Fall 2018

graviton’s surge// peeling

Column graphic for Neomo’s Otaku Theater: Fall Anime 2018 Preview by Neomo of TheOASG.

And the Overwatch tournament was played. They had casters, and it was really good for learning and listening to people way more experienced thinking through counters. We lost the first match that was streamed. (Second place, though.) One of our team streamed the matches. Really excited about Toronto being in the Overwatch League.
Green superchargers

Still lettering and streaming on Twitch and Instagram! I’ve been listening to so many variants of the Nier: Automata soundtrack, so I’m trying to find other OSTs to listen to while working.

two parts of joy// gray aces

New graphics for the “5 Things” series on TheOASG site.

5 Things To Know About éclair: A Girls’ Love Anthology That Resonates in Your Heart

5 Things To Know About Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Please Save My Money graphics for Krystallina’s column.

If this makes no sense to you, you can take Web Bos’ CSS Grid course for free to learn more about it. It’s not as confusing as I’m making it out to be.
I don’t think I shared this here, but here are some CSS grid graphics I made for Twitter shitposting.
CSS Grid in the style of the Osomatsu-san logo, with red capitals and a black and white outline.

Been busy, so my lettering Instagram went quiet. I’ll tackle my weekly postings when I’m feeling a bit better.

Manga in your ears logo rough drafts on the Illustrator canvas.

generation echo// in your ears

I recently completed a project with Manga In Your Ears, “a biweekly podcast reviewing a finished and currently running (or recently completed) manga from @ImpassionateK, @manjiorin, and @WanderinDreamr” (aka Kory, Apryll, and Helen). You can check them out online and on Twitter.

The general concept was to have the name as well as manga volumes and headphones, so here are some ways we played around with to get the legibility and concept across. I think from listening to the podcast, the general feeling I get is educational, informative, and entertaining. It’s fun to listen to!

Manga In Your Ears logo drafts.
Drafts of the Manga In Your Ears logo drafts.
Manga In Your Ears logo. The text is set in League Spartan, and is in-between a set of headphones. There are a set of blocks that represent manga books on the right side.
Trying out the grunge effect.
Manga In Your Ears logo. The text is set in League Spartan, and is in-between a set of headphones. There are a set of blocks that represent manga books on the right side.

Twitter header with the new logo.
The Twitter header of the Manga In Your Ears podcast with the new logo.

Summer listening~
A Fun Time in Which Some No-Good Game Developers May or May Not Discuss How We Made NieR:Automata

【女性が歌う】Lemon/米津玄師(Full Covered by コバソロ & 春茶)
Yu Yu Hakusho – “Smile Bomb” (Opening) | ENGLISH ver | AmaLee
Partners in (Fighting) Crime (Yaoi-con Best Action/Best in Show) // Matchbox Twenty – “How Far We’ve Come”

teostra’s turn// handicraft’s charm

TheOASG’s Justin recently did an interview with Shojo Beat’s Nancy Thistlethwaite (Senior Editor at VIZ and Shojo Beat) about The Young Master’s Revenge” manga.

TheOASG Twitter // Shojo Beat Twitter – A // Shojo Beat Twitter – B
Graphic for "5 things to know about The Young Master's Revenge."

You can check it on online with the 56(!!) page official preview on Shojo Beat’s website.
Graphic for "5 things to know about The Young Master's Revenge" on Shojo Beat's Twitter.
Read the full article at “5 things to know about The Young Master’s Revenge.”
"5 things to know about The Young Master's Revenge" article.