In case you missed my tiny contribution to this year’s Misprint, here’s a collab review of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom with Pjcherri.

And if you’re wondering what I’m watching, yes, I started the AKB0048 anime. Unfortunately.

scarlet ballet// a tale about umbrellas

If you had the ability to trade one part of yourself away for something else, what would you choose? A memory, an ability, a belief? An actual, physical part of yourself? Would you trade it for yourself, or for the sake of someone else?

I didn’t finish this…yet.

I just wanted to use stars somewhere.

Vectors~ Inspiration- 398hajime on Deviantart // pixelanddead on Deviantart (as always)

Hybrid Media project: It took forever to render, and crashed programs repeatedly. But fun, once I stopped being afraid of it. Unfortunately that took a while to build up to. I slept a lot of my Reading Week away. XD
Rendering takes a long time.



Some updates on Reading Week activities- other than school.

Never had this kind of overwhelming enthusiasm for a PSP game before. This is what happens when you spend about 2 terms thinking about it. And drawing something new.

BRSB, or “Beast-chan” poses. I messed with the white balance a little to make it warm. (More, better, photos later, Robo.)


the open window// beast

I’ll be uploading more photos soon, but have a safe and fun Reading Week! (Despite that “Reading Week” is implied to be a study period…no one treats it as such.)

The Club That Really Likes Anime is hosting a cosplay cafe! I wonder what people will dress up as…I’ll be there to take photos. ^_^

A wild beast appears!?!


pop rocks and coke

A quick update! If you are planning on voting in the Feds election next week, please consider reading the Imprint election guide pull-out in this week’s paper, and read up on all the candidates. Follow #votefeds on Twitter, and vote at vote.feds.ca.

Until then #chairpose; #thegreatmathNEWSdebate (video, as entertainment).

The Club That Really Likes Anime is hosting a marathon with GLOW on Wandering Son. I’ve recommended it in the past on my Deviantart, and I’d say it’s worth watching as a genuinely good show, if you’re not that into trans issues. Friday February 10, 4:30PM-10PM, in AL 113.

A collaboration with Aquarius-chan~

Safe to say: