blastblight’s wrath// a jar of fireflies

This is my last staff lunch. It’s been fun.

Finished drawing~


in resonance// portable fear

Graphic for last week’s Mini Otaku Box column, kinda sloppy.
Kid~ This style is very much “I traveled backwards 4 years.”

Club That Really Likes Anime voting poster! (Originally ANSI D size.)
Show One Voting Poster ANSI D

Misc. posters for the CTRL-A mini showing at the Renison’s 20th Annual East Asian Festival this weekend.
1 Renison-CTRL-A Activities

3 Renison-Shows

2 Renison-CTRL-A Recruit

blank wishes// down from mars

The weather earlier this week.

General updates:

  • It’s almost time for the exam in my Python course. We’ll see how that goes.
  • I bought another Steam game, but it won’t be out until August 21.
  • Reading up on graphig designs.
  • Exam proctoring.
  • There’s a course on Arduino, too. Why Arduino? Think of the applications!
  • Doing graphics for the Imprint Frosh Edition. I also wrote an article, so please look forward to that.
  • Received Imprint’s “Graphic of the Term” award for the Game of Thrones illustration.
  • I appeared in this video message to first-years.
  • Watching Eden of the East.
  • Still debating if I want to design a landing page on how to obtain screening permissions for anime clubs.
  • Went to a balloon-twisting workshop/installation. I can make fish, dogs, kelp, and seahorses now! Kind of.
  • Being generally positive about this job/life/personal projects thing. I’ve started doodling again, but haven’t really done any graphic design for fun (yet).
  • The person that gave my first real commission listed their book on Amazon, with the cover I illustrated. Check it out.
  • Still reviewing hiragana.

Preview: this person looks strangely similar to one of the characters from “Space Brothers.”