the final ascent

I’ll get to uploading the other graphic design work I’ve been busy with lately, but here’s my first “project” I made at Kwartzlab.

I traced the patterns form a jacket I own onto cookie parchment and newspaper, and then transfered it onto the denim.

No buttons yet, going to have to wait to get home to do those.
IMG_0500 Cosplay photo

I have a feeling I could have used the surger for some part of it, but since I wasn’t too confident, I’m going to save that for next time. The original cosplay image has long sleeves, but it might be too hot to wear at the convention, so I cut them short. :V Not accurate, but at least I’ll be “cooler,” haha.

I’ve gathered most of the materials I will need for the creation of a PSYCHO-PASS Dominator, including LEDs, wires, heatshrinks, batteries, resistors, but the modelling is taking a lot longer than I thought. The two choices after modelling it with a hollow interior is to slice it to be laser cut, or printed in several parts using a 3D printer. I’ll post a diagram of what the circuit will look like in the next post, I’m probably going to go with one resistor per LED, with several parallel circuits powering red and green lights.

You can now pick up your memberships cards for CTRL-A at shows! I’ll probably post a photo of that soon, but I can guarantee it’s summer-themed! Swimming pools, swimming shorts, swimming anime…heh heh.

Off to Anime North this weekend, so will be busy for the next bit catching up on courses before/after the con. I’m doing separate coverage for Imprint and AAB, since the rest of the gang is going to Anime Boston instead this year.

soldier’s rite of passage

I have completed the major illustration project I was given for the last while, and write my exam for the part-time course. I haven’t uploaded too many drawings because it’s become a lot busier at work with several major projects that need to be done. It’s not that I’ve been bumming around at home, it’s just than I have a lot of things occupying my mind lately, and new activities have taken up my time.

KwartzLab sewing machine testing for workshop.

Drawstring bag successfully sewn! I didn’t get to put the logo I designed because my .ai file didn’t turn into a .dxf properly. The logo is laser-cut onto cloth, and ironed onto the pouch.

Ta-da~ More confident around sewing machines now.

This also appeared in the space this week, and I’m curious as to what it will look like in the end. Laser cut dollhouse-


And with that, there are many reasons to celebrating. I guess I might have messed something things up here and there, but hopefully this means I’ll do better in the long run. Instead of being excessively late with gifts this year, let’s just say I found out the exact opposite is just as bad. x_x

Onto the making of character chocolates for the birthday people!?!

I learned a couple things, including:

  • don’t use your chocolate when it’s really hot
  • microwaving once or twice is OK to remelt the chocolate
  • make sure the surface is flat
  • chocolate sets faster than you think

The last layer of chocolate cannot be too hot, or it will melt the layers below and cause smears. Overall, the final result was alright, but not great. Maybe I’ll try again with something more ambitious?

Recon from Sword Art Online~
Comissa Taro from Psycho-Pass-

Lastly, this is my project for Anime North in the works…I might redo it, the paint job is actually really messy, and I need to add the finishing touches.

I might post some more drawings later. I’ve started using Tumblr in an attempt to try to keep track of my “digital sketchbook” a little better. Hopefully it works out, I need some way to better keep track of my undergrad thesis research. Google Docs help ideas and reflections as well.

law of the cycle

When in doubt, verify.
SweaterDesign_Corrected_Final copy

This is a design I created for the UW English Society, and in the end, I was the one that sent to the linguistics professor (E. Afros) to verify if my transcription was correct. To blame anyone else for negligence is wrong, as I was the one that created the design, and if the English students end up wearing the wrong thing, the problem would be mine for embarassing my program. So, yes, always verify, when it comes to design. I spend quite a bit of time on Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow this term, and if others are relying on you to create something, you must take responsibility.

I suppose that’s just what “responsibility” in general is, but I feel that if you think about all your actions in the bigger scale, you will start to understand why you must be aware of what you do, and how it affects the others around you.

Context for people’s lives is…important, and the more time we spend online, the more we feel that we know more about others that are far away, say, in countries halfway around the world, or your friend in another city over. How we say “Africa” like it is a country, or use cite women in relation to their status as “wives” or “daughters”- you can’t quite stop thinking about it because once you do, you slide into this comfortable place where you stop asking questions.

I was given the chance to take part in a “day-hack” recently, and I think, it was a chance to try something new, so I participated. The end result was a better picture of how I can support a team during a hackathon (graphics, UX, making slides), but I feel that the event was not without a better understanding of why questions as to why certain community events attract politicians. They show up as a wave of goodwill, and I suppose spending a little time at the beginning of large events enduring bouts of rhetoric is a small price to pay for being given an opportunity to try your hand at a problem.



quicksilver// tin and lead

Solder and RGB Blinkie –

Open Source Design and Code on Github. There’s no off switch, if you’re wondering, and the only real part I did was the soldering. However, I feel a lot more comfortable with the tools than before, even if it felt a bit odd to sit next to a child, and realize you let her ask all the questions you wanted to ask.

I’m on Github through my current workplace (did I mention they are shooting a Harlem Shake video at 6PM tomorrow?), but I’m debating whether or not to get my own. I think it’s a bit too early, since I’m not really making anything new at the moment, mostly just watching people.