because your ghost still resides here

I can try and tag this under prop-making and turn this into an “art” post…?

Sorry, no nice vacation photos to wow you with. I don’t think I’ll ever end up going “on vacation,” like everyone else, it’s just not the way it works. Enjoy your time, savour it…I’ll go someday, for sure. Maybe when my pocket is a little more full. Still jealous though, like I’m missing a “status” thing. :T

Not doing what’s in the picture, haha. ^^ But translating! With the help Google translate, hiragana/katakana charts, and help of online friend(s).

Today’s tasks – continue with armour building. Materials: Latex gloves, face mask, spray paint, saws, craft knives, exacto knives, carpenter glue, markers, rulers, cardboard, gesso, sponge brushes, newspaper, art board (to sit on), vacuum cleaner.

Rare creature sighting on blog. o-o

Testing spray paint on knee armour.

Learning to spray paint. Pretty hard to breath with the heat and face mask, but it was OK~ Semi-gloss, so I don’t have to spend x-number of dollars on finish from Michaels'(King of all over-priced things).

Making pattern for leg plates.

That’s all for today. I really hope I have enough energy to finish this tomorrow, so I work on the weapons and the actual part of the cosplay (the clothes OTZ).