rise, reset, revolve// time-spun

I’ll update with a news post after I finish moving. Still working on the rest of the drawings that will be going on the membership cards, as well as the banner and posters, but here’s what I have so far.

Aldnoah Zero ED2 – aLIEz (Piano Cover) by ~ishter-kun~

Facebook headers (it turns out, they don’t work well in the mobile view). :/
Facebook Banner

Ver 2
Web banner.
Web Banner
Low-res versions of the illustrations.


I’m not entirely set with the body text, as it’s a bit light and might not turn out well in print. Some of them will be edited to include the Show 1 schedule instead of the copy text. Maybe the call-to-action needs to be stronger? If you have any suggestions or see any horrible mistakes, let me know in the comments. >v<” (EDIT: Poster dates, date formatting, and comma splice errors have been corrected for the final printing.)

















Drafts under the cut. Might have gone overboard with the punctuation. >_>


designing thinking for arts students // spit your sadness away

For our final term project in “Rhetoric of Digital Design” class, we were required to create groups and work on a project that used the skills that were taught in the class, in order to further develop and understand the use of media across print and web. The original proposal was to build a website to distribute the booklet, as well as creating a print version. After getting feedback on our proposal and progress report, we decided to put more time into laying out and writing a print edition of our magazine.
We settled on the topic of “design thinking” fairly early. I had been re-reading Change By Design by Tim Brown, and after doing some user research, we came to the conclusion that “design thinking” was something that lacking in the Arts faculty curriculum, and set out to figure out a way to convey the information to Arts co-op students. We tried to write it so it would be accessible to anyone, and in the end was somewhat successful. The Style Guide was created, and then used on the final project.

Layout group meeting!


We ended doing a lot of research on the library database (and quoting from books), but the best part was probably going to do research first-hand. We ended up going to see Ed Jernigan, a professor that university who is extremely knowledgeable on the topic. I think by putting the course code, ENGL408C, in the email, we were mistaken for Engineering students, rather than Arts/English. o_o


The final product is a bit rough around the edges, but I think in the time frame, it was a fun project.


Design Thinking
A Primer for Arts Co-op Students

Adobe InDesign (layout), Photoshop (image editing), Illustrator (graphics), EOS Rebel T2i (photography)

S. Ratslaff, M. Belmonte, M. Lee, A. Wong

Special thanks:
Aimée Morrison (Department of English)
Ed Jernigan (Knowledge Integration, Systems Design Engineering)


thesis catalogue design //footprints into the unknown

Every year, the fourth-year class in fine arts puts together work for an undergraduate thesis show. There are many components, and the class is divided up into teams of their own choosing in order to make the show a success. I picked the Catalogue and Design team (what other team would I pick XD). I would like to document some of the challenges in working with studiomates. We handled all advertising design, and the design of the catalogue itself.

It was a bit of a struggle to get everyone on the same page, as everyone was very busy with fourth-year classes, aside from studio. I had never been too close with people in studio, mostly because being in the co-op stream means only doing “half” of third-year, and the second-year classes are made up of a mix of people. Always build in extra time before the deadline in case of anything.

I don’t really have much else to say on this, other than, the teamwork aspect could have worked out a little better if we had split the InDesign document. Also, Dropbox and cloud spreadsheets are good for tracking information and progress on a project.

Final product! Should I take better photos? I have a few copies…
Thesis catalogue

I think in the end, I will miss all of my studiomates. ^^


Fine Arts Thesis Catalogue
Class of 2014

Cover Design: K. Cooper
Layout and Photo-editing: A. Wong
Content Editing by K. Missio, J. So
Advertising Design: H. Heer
…and lots of help from the rest of the class and Prof. T. Cooper.

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

We also had a blog where people in studio could write about what they were interested in.

Things We Love, Fine 473/475

Official website (…)

Show Opening Video by Woot Suit Riot

(I may post the final PDF later, but if you really want to see it, email me, and I’ll share the link.)

Final PDF

BlankSlate Cover mock








“I get by with a little help from my friends”

This isn’t new, but I’ll be uploading some more layouts I’ve had a hand in. I don’t always write the story, or do the entire layout myself, which is why I haven’t really uploaded any before.

Infographic by AW; story by E. Molocoton, layout by D. Mistry, Twitter graphic by D. Mistry.

Layout and graphic work; story by L. Wilson.