Gravity Brings Me Down

I wonder if it’s possible to gain emotional weight.

Not literal weight, where you stare at the scale and curse yourself for not resisting temptation, but a mood that makes you feel like you’re sinking into the pavement beneath you. I suppose a melancholy mind, or a heavy heart, can make your shoes feel like cheese graters as you wander through your everyday activities.

I suppose if we didn’t have any weight, we’d all just float away…being heavy means you have ties to this world.

Dear whoever, please turn down the gravity machine soon.

As long as the imaginary weight doesn’t lead to the real kind, or vice versa, haha.

Though, it was a bit fun to watch FalseDelusion jiggle today. (Sorry if we made fun of you too much. >_<)

And I was completely unaware that it was possible to arbitrarily add colour belts to a class to “make” it more balanced. o.o

Poor Porcellino, the UW Arts mascot was recently vandalized. Good to see him all polished up in time for the March Open House, don’t want to scare the potential Waterloo students. That was fast. Not.

Gravity Brings Me Down by Natalie Ghent

And the Stone was Warm Beneath Her Hand

Research is a beautiful thing.

Maybe it’s that you break things up, you see things that you didn’t know was there, never thought you’d know. Been asking around about the apparent “co-op employment at 99.5%” rate, and the feedback is general skepticism. Reasons: Lame jobs, people dropping out, students switching to classes for the term because of a lack of a job. Who knows.

Almost as interesting is the Starbucks coffee variety in the proposed location the Environment 3 building. If anything, it will prove to be a change in direction for Food Services for the better, or it will just add to the muddle of over-priced, poorly made, reduced sized portions of other food outlets run by them.

Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema is occurring next week. As much as I like the anime line-up, I’m interested in the foreign films (what’s animation from Russia like? Especially with its roots). A little pricey, though.

My don took a picture of my Companion Cube pumpkin, carved on Halloween. I was feeling a little odd having to carve a pumpkin alone; the seeds were especially delicious.