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Another food post.
Easter Mii eggs!

Fried bananas…the recipe didn’t turn out right, will try again later.


Err…Not-so-Laughing-Man cake. I was requested by Zyonlik to “fix” it.

Afmzvagnv ayqpqfag!! Congrats~ ^_^ I’m sure you’re a fan of Caesar, so this message isn’t that hard to decipher.

pop rocks and coke

A quick update! If you are planning on voting in the Feds election next week, please consider reading the Imprint election guide pull-out in this week’s paper, and read up on all the candidates. Follow #votefeds on Twitter, and vote at

Until then #chairpose; #thegreatmathNEWSdebate (video, as entertainment).

The Club That Really Likes Anime is hosting a marathon with GLOW on Wandering Son. I’ve recommended it in the past on my Deviantart, and I’d say it’s worth watching as a genuinely good show, if you’re not that into trans issues. Friday February 10, 4:30PM-10PM, in AL 113.

A collaboration with Aquarius-chan~

Safe to say:


wind-catcher, fire-chaser

Here’s a sneak peek of something I’m taking part in!
Screenshot of book I'm taking part in.

There are times when you expect reinforcements, and all you get are more hurdles to pass through. So, next plan of action: walk around the hurdles like you’ve always have, leap over them, or throw them away?

Things have been going alright for the last week, I’m surprised I saved it all for today to write it down (here).

News: Work continues on it’s way. I’ve been progressing on different projects, depending on what’s going on. I had the opportunity to take a look the potential co-ops that would replace me next term, and analyzing them, as well as coming up with questions.

My input was mostly in terms of conflict resolution questions…because that’s one part of this job that most people don’t realize. My newest project? Helping organize a robotics challenge. I’ll leave it up to you to try and figure out how the following photo is related to that.

Robotics Challenge photo.

Humans vs. Zombies tag officially concluded on campus with the HvZ Feedback session. This event taught me many things, from the adoption of personas by unexpected people that are outside their “normal” states, assertiveness, the value of comradeship (and friends), conflict, participation, information warfare, and a mash of various things. Why did I join, despite the fact I knew that I might not like all aspects of the game? Mostly because I wanted to observe human behaviour, especially with the backdrop of information warfare. I was totally not researching things like the so-called “Twitter Revolution” before the event. XD Totally not learning for the sake of trying to take over a world…
Humans photo, Mission 2.
I did learn quite a bit about my personal failings from playing. But anyways, if you’re curious as to how things were handled, check out the Human’s Facebook Strategy Group as something of a timeline to the game at Waterloo. I’m looking forward to the next one (despite my aversion to the d-bag behaviour of some, but every barrel has a few bad apples, right?).
Humans meeting before a mission start.
Photo of humans with nerf guns.
Humans being briefed by a game moderator.
Humans photo, being briefed on mission.
The Club That Really Likes Anime has their last show this term, and Imprint currently has about three issues to go before the end of term. As much as this term was fun, I’m looking forward to next term as well. Perhaps a little…love point battle? Haha. ^^

TEDxUW took place on campus this weekend. TEDx are independently organized TED events, where speakers speak to convey ideas and encourage others to do the same. I’d highly recommend seeing the talks from the UW-based one once they’re uploaded, if you happened to miss the livestream. They used the teaching platform one of the speakers started, which was John Baker from Desire2Learn. D2L is based in Kitchener, and really hope I have a chance to use it sometime soon. Sayonara, UW-ACE~
Courtesy of FB Group, TEDX attendees photo.

Of the speakers, it was clear who were the experienced ones when it came to presentations. Of the line-up, I’d have to say architect Philip Beesley was probably the one that I was most curious about. Other notable speakers included the charismatic youth champion Raynold Wonder Alorse, Engineering graduate Safwan Choudry, and the ever-quotable economist Larry Smith. You could hear everyone straightening up to listen when Larry Smith was about to enter, it was that intense.

Rethinking Art and Machine (RAM) is currently running at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener (near the Charles Street bus terminal) until the end of January, and the trailer, wishy-washy as it sounds, does sound like a good place to re-examine some old prejudices. An art show I’m interested enough to want to go to, for once.

I’m going to continue posting photos here. I do know the original intention of this blog was for sketches, but I haven’t drawn anything good enough to post, perhaps the up-side is improving my composition through photography.
Davis Centre cafeteria photo. Photo of Student Life Centre at the University of Waterloo.
Despite all the object-based photos, what I originally intended was to take photos of people around me that I know and care about. I was more than a little fed up that people keep promising to send me photos, and most of them never do. So, I’m taking the photos myself. I know memories are important, but I don’t know about you, but my memory for faces is poor- chances are, people won’t look the same anymore, or they won’t be around for you take their photo anyway. Goal: take more photos of friends, I suppose? If they let me, that is.

into the valley below

(Respectful) Imprint usage #23: protecting textbooks from the rest of one’s backpack.

OK, exercising self-restraint…I can honestly stop tagging posts with “artblock.” I really don’t like the shading style, but I might as well learn it by using it. Cel-shading, minus opacity and brushes might be the easy way out, but it’s clean.

There are some days where “sass” is completely appropriate…if only the other person wasn’t sensitive. You can never have enough sass.

devil in disguise

Never was very good at picking gifts. Either I’m not very good at paying attention to the details that people give out, or you’re always trying to figure out if the other person might be offended if you gave them said gift, or you’re trying to figure out if they “already have enough,” and therefore, gift-giving would just end in some kind of sad farce attempt to show that you care. There’s more than a few social situations I never learned how to deal with, and I suppose this is one of them I’ll just keep crashing into.

I know they say “it’s the thought that counts,” but at the same time, I’m not so sure. I guess everyone likes presents to certain degree…?

So, I ended up deciding to keep this one to myself, since the only option was to take strange photos of it, and save it as a joke present for later date. XD Anyone that comes up with a good caption for one of the following photos gets to keep it! O_Od

It reads! On the topic of presents, this one arrived under the door of my office.


hark, a vagrant

If anyone wants to know what my fascination with Mr. Darcy is about, this clearly explains it.

[1] [2]

I didn’t encounter these particular comic strips by Kate Beaton until after reading the book (in this case, Pride and Prejudice), but there have some humourous parodies that just add to charm of such a dated, somewhat painful read. It takes a while to accumulate a taste for Jane Austen- took me a second reading before I actually enjoyed it. And I don’t reread fiction often.

Anyways, there’s a Tumblr for all this history/english/artsie nonsense. Go enjoy yourselves.

The ending to Tiger&Bunny is quickly approaching!

hera posts some thoughts that are interesting to contemplate, go check it out. While you’re at it, there’s the Prince Arthur Herald that might be worth looking into, if you’re a student-newspaper fan.

Doodling for Unbuttoned.