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magnetic rose

An Arts student walks into a bank…
…and there isn’t really a punchline, because it wasn’t funny having to deal with a certain snarky bank manager. Contrary to popular bashing, Arts students do get jobs. If Arts students were so insignificant, why bother bashing them? Are they stealing your jobs? Obviously not.

Anyways, my new apartment-mates haven’t given me the wifi password/ the last person used the internet to the max, so I’ll be on campus a lot more. The things I do to reduce being home alone in Waterloo. XD Enjoy your vacations and time off!

* scurries off to order the adafruit FLORA starter kit to celebrate the term ending *

Oh, I thought I should mention, Aksys Games’ Sweet Fuse: At Your Side game is coming out this week! I would really like for more otome games to come to North America, so I hope it does well.

one last heist

You’ll have to wait for fall to see the final design in person, but I hope it does its job and attracts your eyes. :3
Rejected version. I’ll post the final versions closer September. 

Recruitment banners for the UW Entrepreneurship Society.
F13 Recruit Banner-final

F13 Recruit Website-final

My life is made much easier by other creators giving away stock content for free. Subtle Patterns, and the Baron Neue font made this possible. I’ve started exploring SkyFonts lately, mostly because Google stopped offering .zip downloads of their fonts.

The final version of the sponsorship package I designed for UWES is up on my portfolio. I’m still writing out an explanation and overall comments on the project. Have an exam Friday, and a lot of work-related end-of-term projects to finish up, so I’ll probably be a bit quieter here until next week.

yaw and pitch

“Life is all about challenges, there’s no point in living if there’s no one strong to play- it’s better if I can’t win.” – Kagami Taiga, Kuroko no Basuke

Founders Connect Banner copy-draft2 Founders Connect Website Banner copy-draft
I’m a little afraid to look back sometimes, as people you know and admire are moving forward in leaps and bounds…and I can’t help but think that I might need to do something more to be better, despite not knowing if I’m getting better at all.
Kuroko gif

P.S. You should watch Kuroko no Basuke.

Apologies that I cannot credit the photographer that took these photos for UWES, the documentation was lacking despite pressing for them.