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a dream of planes

Reading Week is almost over…and this might be the last Reading Week I’ll get for a long while.

I’ve mostly been working full-time this week to help cover for the people that went home/went on vacation. I can’t really complain because working at Feds Marketing & Communications as a designer is pretty much being told to go full throttle in whatever way you can, and you get to try so many different things.

Being Green Hexagon t-shirt design

Being Green Hexagon t-shirt design 2

I updated my portfolio (again?), and I’m still waiting on the domain to switch over to my new host, but you have a peek here. I’m doing a job interview on Monday, and heading out to a start-up job fair in Toronto on Tuesday, so we’ll see how that goes.

I decided against picking up Bravely Default in order to curb distractions, it’s bad enough trying to figure out job applications and project deadlines. I really just want to do more designs for UI-related things.

Punmaster and I went to Toronto to see “The Wind Rises”…more on that later.