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I sometimes think about “small problems” (everyday things I think can be resolved with a little bit of extra effort for less effort in the long run); and yesterday’s discussion with Pjcherri was about the lack of pockets on female outfits for smartphones, and ways to get around it. Although people might say that putting the phone in a purse will suffice, a purse is actually not appropriate for all situations, and most people are unwilling to put their phones down, even for a little while.

Next time, I will actually look up what the item is before I tell people my solution was (in a joking, call-caps manner) “SMARTPHONE GARTER BELTS,” when I actually meant was thigh holsters and garters, or variation on the thunderwear for phones. Overall, with the new BlackBerry 10 out, smartphones are going to be a part of our lives now, we might as well make room for it. It’s slightly uncomfortable to watch friends and co-workers put their phones in strange places…or perhaps my definition of “strange” is stricter.

But the overall idea is that I was thinking that the phone aound be safer closer to the body. But that would mean that I’m enforcing the idea that women have some reason to have their phone nearby? @_@

Team Willet 2~ I played for the first time, and I’ll hopefully get better so I can be more useful in team battles. Art by S. Lannigan.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the semiotics of “casual” attire.

the awakening of fire

There are some really funny things you can notice if a friend joins Pinterest, especially if their first, and only, board is of a certain topic.
Velocity Cold-calling

Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS acquired! Despite the terrible weather in Kitchener, I managed to nab a copy after taking a bus ride and walking around in the dark fog.

I’ll write a longer post later, but I’m still on the job search front for next term, and…I’m probably going to be able to see San Francisco International Airport with my own eyes in the very near future. @.@

love & execution// strange frames

“One can think of user experience design (UX) of digital products as consisting of three overlapping concerns: form, behaviour, and content. Interaction design is focused on the design of behaviour, but is also concerned with how that behaviour relates to form and content. […]industrial and graphic design are concerned with the form of products and services, but also must ensure that their form supports use, which requires attention to behaviour and content.”

-Alan Cooper, About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design

The orange bear overlooks us all~
I’ve been busy catching up with projects and Jobmine, but here’s a few photos from the Canadian Undergraduate Press conference NASH75.

Name tag: aesthetically pleasing, but little consideration for its original purpose.

Talk by an editor for World’s Best News Design Volume 33.
Brian Stelter of the New York Times speaking about the “wildfire” in journalism. 
Food is better in good company. We got to see DK-san again!
Probably the best speaker in terms of being enthralling – he filled the room with his talk on long-form journalism. This is the first time I have ever heard the term “story-boner” used in regards journalism. 
Thanks to Wilfrid Laurier’s The Cord for the ride home.

Apparently it’s called “My Forged Wedding,” and the catch is that that prologue is free, but each route costs $3.99, and to get to the ending (after 15 or so chapters), it’s another $3.99. In a way, you pay for as many guys as you like, but if you’re a completionist…well.

And an exercise in stubbornness continues into week four-

the darkest of the tempest// k-project

Just under half of the slides I made were accepted, but here’s the almost-finished iteration of the slides.

Velocity Garage

Very close to final version.

Photos are courtesy of Shubhagata Sengupta and Velocity, with the exceptions of the ones of the Garage, which I took myself.

Version one had twelve slides…I went a little font-crazy, a lot of these slides got cut.

Club That Really Likes Anime 20th Anniversary Celebration
The Club That Really Likes Anime at the University of Waterloo is having its 20th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a 12-hour show; anime, games, Weiss Schwarz, food…and it’s all free! I hope we get to meet more otaku at this event. We’re basically trying to give people a taste of what we do over the course of a term, so it’s almost the equivalent of us trying to run a mini-con of our own. o_od

Time: Saturday October 27, 2012, 12 noon to midnight
Location: Arts Lecture Hall, University of Waterloo
Admission: Free, and open to the public!

Hope you can come, if you can. ^_^

Web banner~

Imprint graphics I haven’t gotten around to adding:

Opinion cartoon for the Sep. 14 issue, concept by M. Ilic.

Opinion cartoon for Sep. 28 issue, concept by P. McGeown.

Cover graphic for the plagiarism story.

Banner for distractions.

why don’t you do right?

Been busy with fonɛtɛks and start of term, so I’ll keep this short-

My old blog finally got its long-needed facelift into a portfolio

My last co-op employer gave me a bit of advice about my personality- they thought I tended to understate my achievements and accomplishments, and needed to “toot my horn” more often. The purpose of it is to leave an impression on those around you, and if a project comes out and they need advice, they know who to ask. I suppose that’s why most of the people I consider “successful” in my eyes have that extra cockiness? o_o;;

Club That Really Likes Anime F’12 membership cards. Stay tuned for the 20th anniversary designs.

Join our party!

And…the last thing, well, I’ll upload later once I make it shiny. Web fonts and free reign over design? Check, and check.

Peggy Lee- Why don’t you do right?
Presentation Zen // Note and Point // Fount

I found this while digging in an old notebook. It makes me happy. That is all. :P

Until next time!