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I recently participated in a modified design sprint at Boltmade in Waterloo, and it was rather fun. There were quite a few designers at the event, and was pretty loose – not over-thinking things and just going for raw ideas to solve problems.

The problem: how do we make house-searching less painful? There was a set of mock interviews to explore the problem where everyone generated “how might we” statements. The ideas were then grouped by similar themes, and then 2 were chosen to be tackled. We had 30 seconds to scribble down interface ideas (for a total of 16 ideas), and from there, refine a single idea flow in under 2 minutes.



Stick notes galore!
The red dots are given to teammates to create a “heat map” around ideas they liked.



I understand that this doesn’t really mean anything, but I completed the Coursera course on Python.
Coursera pythonlearn 2014
What exactly did I get out of it? Maybe a little more confidence towards my ability to build things for Arduino…and that I don’t quite understand why people push HTML/CSS as a gateway to “programming” and “writing code” when it is very, very, very different. Python was…more thinking about the steps on how to solve a problem, counting things, using information stored (mess up? TRACEBACK), and just…not the same. At all. In any way. :/ But I’m way too much of a newb regardless, but I can see where I might want to use something like Python (ex. Fish Plays Pokemon).

I also found this page on LaTeX resumes, so I might be trying it. No guarantees on good results, though. I kind of feel like a giant lumbering elephant that doesn’t quite understand fully what I’m doing. Confidence, confidence! ><“


magna cum laude

Had the show opening for “Blank Slate,” which contains the works of the graduating fine arts class. The show runs until April 5, with viewing hours listed on the UWAG site.
UWAG Thesis Showing Opening Set-up Blank Slate statement Opening reception Thesis catalogue
I did not get any photos because the gallery was really crowded, and unlike my studio mates, I failed to get a photo of myself and my work.

the fight club’s return

To fully understand how I feel about downloading fonts — Metallic Slime (@LucySeven)

I used the Google font Lato for the design of my undergraduate class’ thesis catalogue. One of my studiomates had a copy of an OCADU graduating class catalogue, and I was a bit sad that I hadn’t seen it earlier. Nothing like learning how to use a program better by doing something major with it.

I have done layout for the campus paper with InDesign, but it’s not the same as doing something totally new.
Thesis catalogue title page

This is probably the largest mock-up I’ve done to date…

In terms of printing, I’ve learned that just because you centered the work on an artboard and sent it to the printer, they won’t always print it that way. I sewed my vinyl banner yesterday; I was really nervous because I’ve only sewn small items and cosplay before, never an 8-foot banner. The original idea was to use velcro-tape and a dowel, but my professor suggested this instead.

Occupying the print-making studio due to lack of space.
Vinyl banner sewing

Have to write a podcast this weekend, probably won’t be updating too much. The fourth-year show opening is Thursday at 5PM in East Campus Hall, so I’ll be there. If you’re in the area, you should too. XD