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trailing lizards// cat’s errand

Created an SVG version of the animated gif.

WIP for Bro Calendar 2017.



I recently completed a web portfolio assignment for a course I’m taking. I managed this in a shorter timeframe than anticipated.

View demo

Screenshots. Fixed layout, everything is CSS.




I probably won’t be using this site in the future, but I do know that I’ll be working on my portfolio again very soon. I wish I could have done more with this. Anyways, just posting this here for now. ._.

Final studio before marking today!

a whiff of poison

I recently submitted and designed a page for the Passion8 Magazine. passion8-layout-small-01 I’ve been a bit snowed in with work and general fourth-year things, but I managed to get my Linkedin account updated and my Behance portfolio started up. I’m going to revamp my portfolio and resume in the next few weeks, so we’ll see how that goes. If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be in my studio. o_od I have a corner to myself that I’ll be “living” in for the next 8 months, haha.


4 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver4

3 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver3

2 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver2

1 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver1

6 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver5

7 ADA-MobileDraft1-Ver5-LandingPage


8 ADA-MobileDraft1-Ver5-LandingPageScroll

5 ADA-WebDraft1-Ver4-LandingPageScroll








stand your ground

In the process of redesigning the UW Entrepreneurship Society logo and working on the Imprint Fall promotional designs – more or less clearing out the project backlog, so if you haven’t heard from me, I’ll get back to you soon.


Final design chosen.

Rough design done, working on the resizing kinks that happen when the container breaks out of its “full” size into the tablet/mobile. There is an inconsistent jump between the navigation bar and the body text at the moment.

I decided to break the relevant information into different pages and locations for the navigation, but at the same time, this kind of method works better in desktop than mobile, as landing on something like the “Blog” page may mean that the user may never reach the bottom of the page, and therefore miss out on relevant information.


developing news

UW Imprint‘s website as built by R. Kielstra, R. Ye, C. Jandard and S. Nabi. I’m currently serving as their Assistant Web Editor, and I’m really happy because I’m learning so much about an aspect of Imprint I had not dealt with before. Other sections I hope to become involved in before I graduate would be Design and Photography.
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.09.56 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.10.06 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.53.43 PM
Made with the Chrome “web inspector.”
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.53.56 PM
Rejected; too much like the Toronto Star.
Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.54.05 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.54.12 PM